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Wave Globe Cubo

Versatile Lightweights

Wave Globe Cubo by Scheurich

Scheurich achieved a real feat with Wave Globe. The concept of a sophisticated plastic design combined with high-quality manufacturing and functionality, brought not just a lot of attention to the family business, but it also resulted in winning The Interior Innovation Award. Now this success story continues; this versatile range for both indoors and outdoors, is expanding and now comprises 14 shapes and more than 40 products.

The latest addition to the Wave Globe Family is the angular version Cubo, which again incorporates the unmistakable wave shape, this time with a taller rim than the round original. Cubo provides plenty of space even for deep-rooted plants like roses and clematis and enables easy handling for seasonal planting. Cubo offers room for the entire height of a plant pot, with room for additional individual pots in arrangements, all of which can be replaced quickly with the season. A great feature for tall standard plants and accompanying ground-covering plants or for plants that are sensitive to the cold, like Laurel (Laurus), Coral Tree (Erythrina) and palm trees, which can be replaced with frost-hardy plants in no time.

Like all containers in the Wave Globe family, Cubo has an integrated water-drainage plug in the base, which reliably prevents waterlogging and whose patented locking mechanism enables it to be used flexibly indoors and outdoors. Moving the container from the garden into the house and vice versa is therefore unbelievably easy. The light plastic shape, which is manufactured using a seamless rotation-moulding technique, accomplishes the authentic look of a thick-walled stone piece and perfectly complements gardens and living rooms in colours of Black Granite, Taupe Granite and Stony Grey.

Available Sizes: 40 and 50 cm